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Suraya Dadoo


Suraya Dadoo is a South African writer and author focussing on Israel's occupation of Palestine.

Comment: The current hiatus in weapons sales is only a temporary 'inspections row'. It's time South Africa halted arms sales to Saudi Arabia altogether, writes Suraya Dadoo.

27 November, 2019

Comment: South Africa ended its Security Council term on a fiery note, calling out inaction and the need for UN reform, writes Suraya Dadoo.

04 November, 2019

Comment: In addition to its brutal military occupation of Palestine, Israel is also supplying the weapons to extend South Sudan's deadly civil war, writes Suraya Dadoo.

30 August, 2019

Comment: When Palestinians refuse to surrender their rights, they're accused of rejecting peace, writes Suraya Dadoo.

27 June, 2019

Comment: A new UNHRC report stating that Israel may have committed war crimes in Gaza has met with global silence, writes Suraya Dadoo.

07 March, 2019

Comment: The reluctance to downgrade diplomatic relations with Israel defies the legacy of the international anti-Apartheid movement, writes Suraya Dadoo.

27 September, 2018

Comment: Israel's ban on Shashi Naidoo entering the Occupied Palestinian Territories is eerily reminiscent of apartheid South Africa's siege mentality, writes Suraya Dadoo.

30 July, 2018

Comment: If the ANC is to have meaningful solidarity with Palestine, it must leave 'dialogue' aside, and isolate Israeli apartheid, writes Suraya Dadoo.

27 December, 2017

From France's burkini ban, to South African girls being denied the right to wear their natural hair, women's bodies are subjected to the rules of white colonialism, writes Suraya Dadoo.

06 September, 2016