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Suraya Dadoo


Suraya Dadoo is a South African writer and author focussing on Israel's occupation of Palestine.

Analysis: The expulsion of an Israeli delegation from a recent African Union summit reflects the deep fissures within the organisation on the question of Israel's accreditation as an observer to the continental body.

06 March, 2023

In-depth: In a historic meeting, civil society activists from 21 African countries gathered to reaffirm support for the Palestinian liberation struggle and mobilise against Israeli apartheid and normalisation across the continent.

25 March, 2022

In-depth: By capitulating to Israel's back-channel diplomacy, African leaders have damaged the integrity of the African Union.

10 February, 2022

In-depth: Obituaries and editorials that praised Tutu's honesty and moral clarity regarding apartheid in South Africa have erased his staunch support for Palestine.

30 December, 2021

In-depth: Israel will keep African Union accreditation for now, but its membership has polarised opinion in Africa's continental body.

25 October, 2021

In-depth: There is growing opposition to Israel's new observer status at the African Union, with member states and civil society groups citing the country's ongoing occupation of Palestine.

17 August, 2021

Opinion: The African Union has granted observer status to Israel, echoing many African countries' support for Palestine while engaging in "economic diplomacy" with Israel, writes Suraya Dadoo.

05 August, 2021

Analysis: Despite attempts at oversight, Yemen is awash with weapons made by South Africa's arms industry.

03 May, 2021

Comment: As Sudan seeks to appease Washington through normalising ties with Israel, any such deal would be betray its own people as well as Palestinians under occupation, argues Suraya Dadoo.

10 September, 2020

Comment: Africa's Frontline States showed what real solidarity looks like, but the Arab world is ignoring the lessons of history, writes Suraya Dadoo.

03 September, 2020