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Safaa Abdul Hamid


Mounting political crises in Iraq are worsening an already bad situation on the ground, as Sunnis and Shias bicker over an already ratified political agreement.

02 July, 2015

Shia militia blocks return of 150 displaced Sunnis to the recently liberated province of Diyala, saying they have links to the Islamic State group.

02 March, 2015

Nouri al-Maliki faces political wilderness after former supporter Hanan al-Fatlawi announces own political bloc in a move seen as a signal she is willing to work with new prime minister, Haider al-Abadi.

12 January, 2015

A member of Anbar's council has said they are willing to accept assistance from Iran against the Islamic State group.

03 January, 2015

US president tells Haider al-Abadi he appreciates his efforts to shore up the Iraqi state and combat the Islamic State group.

19 December, 2014

Sources tell al-Araby al-Jadeed that central government has agreed to arm tribes in Salaheddin to fight the IS group, but refused to do the same for those fighting in Anbar province.

10 December, 2014

With Iraqi and Kurdish forces battling the Islamic State group, United States secretary of defence landed in Baghdad to discuss possible arms supplies and a deployment of US soldiers to the country.

09 December, 2014

Political source tells al-Araby al-Jadeed that members of Islamic army, Mujahideen army, Naqshbandis and Baathists are in Washington in attempt to unite factions.

07 December, 2014

Ahmed al-Alwani's supporters say they have assurances sentence will not be carried out, amid warnings the former Anbar MP's execution would destroy national reconciliation efforts and aid the Islamic State group.

27 November, 2014