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Ruqaya Izzidien


Ruqaya Izzidien is a British-Iraqi freelance writer specialising in social and cultural affairs. Her work has been published in The New York Times, the Guardian, the BBC and Al Jazeera English.

Comment: The FCO event reminds us that Muslims are only ever discussed in binary. We are secular, liberated and good, or religious, extreme and bad, writes Ruqaya Izzidien.

13 February, 2018

Comment: Dentists, star bakers and newsreaders. Seeing these perfectly British women as a stain on the fabric of society reveals a widespread problem with the hijab, writes Ruqaya Izzidien.

05 February, 2018

Ruqaya Izzidien puts the Nike Pro Hijab through its paces while cycling, running, weightlifting and playing American football to see whether it really lives up to it's hype.

05 January, 2018

Comment: The 'It wasn't all bad' argument put forward by privileged, establishment white men, is just another way of saying it wasn't bad for us, writes Ruqaya Izzidien.

04 January, 2018

This Christmas will see the first advert with the aim of challenging the misconception that Muslims are anti-Christmas, but there's been an faux-pas in the presentation, writes Ruqaya Izzidien

25 December, 2017

Comment: Trump's tweets represent a clear trend of the right wing's selective outrage that has been boosted by his presidency, writes Ruqaya Izzidien.

29 November, 2017

Comment: Ofsted's move is not about equality for Muslim girls, but policing brown bodies; ensuring we can control Muslims in Britain, writes Ruqaya Izzidien.

20 November, 2017

Comment: Halal abattoirs are cruel - they require cattle and poultry to be alive at the time of killing...

08 November, 2017

Comment: I've always been afraid of white people, so, inspired by Channel 4, I decided to become one for a week. I was amazed by what I discovered...

24 October, 2017

The babs of Marrakech have been absorbed into the modern and diverse city - photos by Ruqaya Izzidien.

20 September, 2017