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Mat Nashed


Mat Nashed is a journalist specialising in issues of Middle East migration.

Analysis: Activists and analysts are sceptical that talks between factions to form a civilian government will succeed as transitional justice initiatives remain limited and rival security forces vie for power.

05 April, 2023

Analysis: The Framework Agreement to end military rule in Sudan has polarised pro-democracy forces, with many fearing that security elites are simply offering political parties and western diplomats empty promises.

18 January, 2023

In-depth: Concerned that they may face trial for their complicity, Sudan's junta leaders are blocking the ICC's investigation into crimes committed in Darfur, paving the way for increased impunity for human rights abuses.

08 September, 2022

In-depth: Since last year's coup, Sudanese forces have moved to consolidate power in the face of toothless international mediation efforts. But the popular resistance movement remains steadfast in its demand for civilian rule.

06 May, 2022

The US and its Western allies must not legitimize the Sudanese military's November 21 deal, which has no popular backing. Rather, the West should either rally behind the popular protest movement or simply stay out of its way, writes Mat Nashed.

29 December, 2021

By ignoring the US and focusing solely on the Taliban and Islamic State group's war crimes in Afghanistan, the ICC's new Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan signals that wealthy and powerful states can violate human rights with impunity, writes Mat Nashed.

04 October, 2021

Opinion: The World Health Organization's continued co-operation with Assad's murderous regime is in direct contradiction with its humanitarian mandate, writes Mat Nashed.

11 June, 2021

Comment: Italy and Malta are using the coronavirus pandemic to shirk their obligations under international law, writes Mat Nashed.

06 May, 2020

Comment: Eyeing a $1 billion market, Lebanon's elites are looking to exploit the cannabis cultivation industry, cutting existing small-scale farmers out of the deal, writes Mat Nashed.

27 April, 2020

Comment: After years of anti-migrant legislation, the US and UK are calling on foreign medics, but denying them the rights they deserve, writes Mat Nashed.

01 April, 2020