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Emile Nakhleh


Emile Nakhleh is a former Senior US Intelligence Officer, Director of the Global and National Policy Institute at the University of New Mexico and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Comment: MbS's star is dimming and his influence is waning as his allies in the UAE seem to abandon him and Washington loses patience with his recklessness, writes Emile Nakhleh

08 August, 2019

Comment: Sadly, the Trump administration's clear message to the Arab and Muslim worlds is that democratic politics does not matter, writes Emile Nakhleh.

07 May, 2019

Comment: The speech was no more than a mean attack on former President Barack Obama and a warmongering harangue against Iran, writes Emile Nakhleh.

17 January, 2019

Comment: Donald Trump's haphazard foreign policy decisions show a lack of knowledge of regional dynamics and bring no benefit to the United States, writes Emile Nakhleh.

09 January, 2019

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has failed to coerce Qatar to change course to suit Saudi Arabia's regional hegemonic aims, writes Emile Nakhleh.

08 January, 2019

Comment: Are Washington's regional interests served by the rash and deadly actions of the Saudi crown prince? asks Emile Nakhleh.

17 November, 2018

Comment: The sentencing of Shia leader Sheikh Ali Salman is another worrying step in the Saudi-backed crackdown on opposition voices in Bahrain, writes Emile Nakhleh.

08 November, 2018

Comment: Saddam's arrogance of power and obsession with regional leadership ultimately led to his downfall. Saudi Arabia's MbS might be heading the same direction, writes Emile Nakhleh.

31 October, 2018

Comment: If proven true, this would cement Mohammed bin Salman's image not as an enlightened reformer but as a destructive force against his own people, writes Emile Nakhleh.

12 October, 2018

Comment: Killing the Iran deal and moving the embassy to Jerusalem will only bring more instability and misery to the people of the region, writes Emile Nakhleh.

24 May, 2018