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Roshan De Stone and David Suber

Roshan De Stone and David Suber

Roshan De Stone and David Suber are two members of Brush&Bow - a platform for creative journalism.

In-depth: The hardships of life in refugee camps during the pandemic have exacerbated tensions between residents, local populations and the authorities managing them.

15 April, 2021

Feature: Twelve years after complete destruction, only half of the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian camp in Lebanon has been rebuilt by the UN. So what has caused this delay?

11 June, 2019

Lebanese authorities recently said they would shift emphasis from punishing drug offences to treating drug users, but few people have benefited from the programme due to a lack of support.

16 April, 2019

'How can they still think there are terrorists hiding here?'

08 February, 2019

The debate around refugee's return on a wider scale is a deeply contentious topic, increasingly used by governments and politicians as a tool to push forward a specific political agenda.

26 December, 2018

The sustainability of education for displaced Syrian children is threatened, as donors hesitate to predict how much longer refugees will remain in host countries.

11 December, 2018

Syrian women have borne much of the consequences of war. Now with one third of refugees' households headed by females, many carry the dual responsibility of breadwinner and home provider.

23 November, 2018

While many Palestinians displaced from Syria are reluctant to return, fearful of arrest and government repercussions, others are confident life there will be better than staying in Lebanon.

07 November, 2018

The abuse faced by Syrian refugees is most commonly perpetrated by the poorest Lebanese, as the weight of hosting over a million refugees takes its toll.

24 October, 2018

Restrictive policies in Lebanon and elsewhere might force refugees to choose between return to war-torn Syria and the re-opening of dangerous migration routes to Europe.

15 October, 2018