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Gawan Mac Greigair

Gawan Mac Greigair

Gawan Mac Greigair is a freelance writer whose professional and journalistic interests include Palestine, refugees and migration, food systems and conservation. He has written for the Guardian, the Ecologist and Stir to Action, among others.

Palestine solidarity activists have warned Virgin Atlantic's decision to remove the word 'Palestinian' from its food is continuing to ostracise Palestinian identity.

01 March, 2018

In-depth: An assertion of belonging in a context of colonisation, Palestine's seed library is getting to the roots of cultural identity and reviving heirloom strains of produce, reports Gawan MacGreigair.

08 February, 2018

In-depth: The Israeli authorities have painted over a mural dedicated to the 1948 Nakba seven times - but local activists continue to repaint it, writes Gawain Mac Greigair.

02 November, 2017