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Alessandra Bajec


Alessandra Bajec is a freelance journalist specialising in the Middle East and North Africa. Previously living in Palestine, then in Cairo, she is currently based in Tunis.

Analysis: With Israeli officials fearing that arrest warrants could be issued, the ICC is coming under growing pressure from Israel's supporters.

02 May, 2024

In-depth: Israeli tenders for gas exploration off Gaza's coast violate international law and amount to de facto annexation of Palestinian maritime areas.

18 April, 2024

A year into the war, Sudanese women are struggling to survive in extremely dire humanitarian conditions, yet they remain resilient, keeping the community united

12 April, 2024

In-depth: After a binding UN resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, calls are growing around the world to stop arms sales to Israel.

04 April, 2024

In-depth: The settler movement is taking advantage of the Gaza war to intensify illegal outpost construction, with the backing of Israel's far-right government.

27 March, 2024

Reports of hunger and malnutrition are rife across Gaza. By depriving Gaza of food and water, Israel's assault is literally starving children to death.

12 March, 2024

Analysis: Israeli Ramadan restrictions at Al-Aqsa are a premeditated move to provoke wider unrest and create a pretext to expand the conflict, analysts say.

28 February, 2024

In-depth: Settler violence has surged since the Gaza war, but a recent raft of international sanctions has yet to target Israeli officials or state policy.

20 February, 2024

In-depth: Restrictions on movement, revoked permits, and military raids have left the West Bank's economy on the brink of collapse.

01 February, 2024

Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip has caused miscarriages to increase by 300%, turning pregnancy into hell for hundreds of Palestinian women.

31 January, 2024