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Khalil E. Jahshan


Khalil E. Jahshan is the Executive Director of Arab Center Washington DC.

The surprise visit between PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz was neither a Palestinian nor an Israeli initiative. Rather, it was the Biden administration's attempt at diplomatic posturing, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

19 January, 2022

Despite his role in manufacturing a war on Iraq, Colin Powell leaves a complicated legacy worth pondering over at this critical period in US history, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

25 October, 2021

Comment: These elections finally present Abbas with the ultimate challenge: Balancing his standing with the US, while delivering Palestinians the fresh leadership they so desire, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

18 February, 2021

Comment: The US government has transcended its traditional role as accessory to that of full partner in Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

16 June, 2020

Comment: The Netanyahu-Gantz coalition is nothing more than a shaky political agreement designed to serve the narrow personal agendas of Machiavellian politicians, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

01 May, 2020

Opinion: With their exclusion declared a founding principle of the state, Palestinian citizens of Israel will now vote to protect their identity and preserve their rights, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

01 March, 2020

Comment: The trust deficit caused by the blockade won't be restored automatically just because a political decision was reached by the leadership, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

05 December, 2019

Comment: John Bolton appeared the right match for Trump, but the firebrand politician proved too much even for this unpredictable president, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

11 September, 2019

Comment: Greenblatt's resignation just before the 'Deal of the Century' is unveiled is another blow to an already deeply unpopular plan, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

09 September, 2019

Comment: US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman's remarks signal the ultimate demise of the two-state solution, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

20 June, 2019