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Ali Abbas Ahmadi

Abbas Ahmadi

Ali is an Indian journalist at The New Arab. Currently based in London, he holds a BA in architecture and conflict resolution from the University of Toronto and an MSc in digital journalism from Goldsmiths, University of London. He has experience in writing, photography, design, and data journalism. Before joining The New Arab, he held various roles for different organizations and NGOs in the UK, India, Egypt, Lebanon, and Myanmar. 


Areas of focus: Religion, human rights, conflict resolution, misinformation, India and South Asia. 


Follow him on twitter: @AliAbbasAhmadi2

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10 March, 2023

Analysis: There are few more divisive figures in Pakistan than General Pervez Musharraf. Seizing power in a bloodless coup, Musharraf's admirers credit his liberalising agenda, while his detractors accuse him of 'selling off' the country to the US.

20 February, 2023

Turkish fact-checkers and officials have warned that false claims made online about the devastating earthquakes could harm rescue efforts and prey on peoples' fears.

08 February, 2023

At least 2,300 people have been killed in Turkey and Syria as a result of Monday's massive earthquakes, which have damaged thousands of structures across the two countries.

06 February, 2023

Turkey is in one of the most seismically volatile areas in the world - making devastating earthquakes all but inevitable for the country.

06 February, 2023

Statues memorialising individuals that brutally colonised and subjugated India stand tall in Britain even as India celebrates 74 years since it became a Republic.

26 January, 2023

Respondents were almost evenly divided over whether the Arab Spring pro-democracy demonstrations of the early 2010s have a hopeful or a negative future, according the 2022 Arab Opinion Index.

05 January, 2023

Iran has been accused of meddling in Iraqi political affairs for years and holding sway over a government that is perceived to care little about its citizens.

04 January, 2023

With the year drawing to a close, The New Arab looks at ten key moments for the Middle East and North Africa region from 2022.

31 December, 2022

The love for the Argentine football team runs deep in India and Bangladesh, writes Ali Abbas Ahmadi, where fans have been obsessed with the sky-blue-and-whites for decades.

29 December, 2022