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Daniel Wickham


Daniel Wickham is a human rights activist. Follow him on Twitter @DanielWickham93.

Convicts condemned to death by confessions obtained under torture have little chance of reprieve, though further executions could ignite Bahrain's tinder-box, reports Daniel Wickham.

26 January, 2017

The British prime minister is facilitating human rights abuses across the Middle East by investing in Gulf states and their militaries, writes Daniel Wickham.

21 December, 2016

Bahrain has taken a string of repressive measures against the opposition, with the crackdown becoming increasingly institutionalised. But the West shows little desire to push for reform, emboldening the repression.

04 July, 2016

Comment: Since October, at least 117 Palestinians have been killed during unrest in the region, as cases of unlawful conduct by Israeli forces comes to light, writes Daniel Wickham.

22 December, 2015

Comment: Sectarian tensions will boil over into anger if Sheikh Nimr's death sentence is carried out, writes Daniel Wickham.

29 October, 2015

Comment: Jeremy Corbyn's victory in the Labour leadership election provides an opportunity for a serious debate about arms exports to Saudi Arabia and Britain's involvement in Yemen, writes Daniel Wickham.

16 September, 2015