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Bader al-Rashid


Bader al-Rashid is an al-Araby staff writer.

Russian propaganda outlets are portraying Russian leader Putin as a champion of traditional values and a protector of faiths, says Bader al-Rashid.

01 December, 2015

Analysis: The historically bitter relations between Manama and Tehran have plumbed new depths after Bahrain arrested a "terrorist cell" it says is backed by Iran.

10 November, 2015

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Britain has complained of a lack of "mutual respect" between the two countries and warned of "potentially serious repercussions."

29 October, 2015

Analysis: The new Saudi foreign policy shines the spotlight on the economy, despite the bloody morass of violent turmoil plaguing the region.

26 October, 2015

Analysis: Moscow and Riyadh's foreign ministers contradict official Saudi policy demanding Assad step down, revealing a potential relaxation of the Saudi position.

19 October, 2015

Analysis: Saudi Arabia witnessed a spate of deadly attacks this summer, leading to mass arrests. But the kingdom's anti-terrorism strategy has now come under renewed scrutiny.

09 October, 2015

Blog: Young Saudis appear not to care about Palestine - one of the most popular 'causes' in the Arab world. Bader al-Rashid finds out why.

29 September, 2015