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Nick is a journalist who has worked at The New Arab since March 2021. He holds a master's degree in social anthropology and a BA in French and Arabic. He lived in Jordan for a year during his undergraduate studies. Nick started his journalism career as a freelance in 2019.


Areas of focus: Palestine, UK politics, media, religion


Follow him on Twitter: @NickGMcAlpin

A five-way summit in Egypt on Sunday saw Israel agree to stop authorising settlement outposts for six months. The final statement from the meeting, which comes amid Palestinian scepticism, also implies a curbing of West Bank raids.

19 March, 2023

Yalla! Let's Eat: Franco-Palestinian chef Fadi Kattan's new London restaurant Akub opened fully in mid-January. But he doesn't want diners to only come because they support Palestine. 'I want them to come and enjoy a meal,' he says.

01 March, 2023

Raed Al-Saleh, the head of the White Helmets civil defence group, said bombing carried out by Russia and the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad had a hand in the damage when Syria was struck by a deadly earthquake on Monday.

06 February, 2023

Francesca Albanese's report says Israel is practising 'settler-colonialism', seeking to irreversibly take over Palestinian land by constructing Jewish settlements there.

07 December, 2022

Just hours after Israeli forces sealed off Al-Haq's office door in August, ordinary Palestinians had pried the metal plate open, revealing the group's logo on a wall inside. The truth had been set free.

28 November, 2022

Blog: To travel to see the situation in Palestine for its own sake would be self-indulgent and exploitative of Palestinian suffering, Nick McAlpin writes. It's critical to take what you learn and act.

18 November, 2022

A UK government spokesperson said there are 'no plans to move the UK embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv', while Palestinian ambassador Husam Zomlot said the question about the mission's location 'should never have been asked in the first place'.

02 November, 2022

Palestinian animal rescue group Baladi has worked with around 150 animals since its creation in late 2019. Despite the difficulties of operating under Israeli occupation and having to juggle other life commitments, the team makes a real difference.

30 September, 2022

The Levantine Gallery is the only commercial art gallery in occupied East Jerusalem's Old City that sells specifically Palestinian art. It shows 'something of Jerusalem with Palestinian people in the picture', its owner Karen Mann says.

28 September, 2022

Labour MP Charlotte Nichols, who is Jewish, accused Liz Truss of 'using the Jewish community as a spurious pretext for another baseless attack on the civil service'.

13 August, 2022