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Nick is a journalist who has worked at The New Arab since March 2021. He holds a master's degree in social anthropology and a BA in French and Arabic. He lived in Jordan for a year during his undergraduate studies. Nick started his journalism career as a freelancer in 2019.


Areas of focus: Palestine, UK politics, media, religion


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Refugee Action and Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights were among 75 groups that signed a letter to UK Home Secretary James Cleverly.

04 April, 2024

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller has said Resolution 2728 was non-binding. But legal experts who spoke with The New Arab disagreed.

29 March, 2024

Over 130 UK lawmakers signed a letter to Foreign Secretary David Cameron which said the case for halting arms sales to Israel was 'overwhelming'.

27 March, 2024

Henrik Urdal, director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo, has announced his unofficial 2024 Nobel Peace Prize shortlist. He included UNRWA and the ICJ.

07 February, 2024

Abdullah Hammoud – the mayor of Dearborn, Michigan in the US – said on Saturday that police would 'ramp up' their presence 'across all places of worship'.

05 February, 2024

Penny Mordaunt, the leader of the UK's House of Commons, announced on Thursday that the anti-boycott bill's third reading would take place in January.

14 December, 2023

Some people have suggested using UN General Assembly Resolution 377 to bring about a ceasefire in Gaza. But what is Resolution 377 and is this really possible?

11 December, 2023

Mesh, a doctor in Britain's NHS public health system, said he believed he could speak on behalf of 'a lot of healthcare workers who feel tired of mourning the loss of thousands and thousands of lives'.

08 December, 2023

Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post has faced criticism after it removed an article claiming a Palestinian baby was a doll without fully admitting to this.

05 December, 2023

A Cairo peace summit ended without countries agreeing a joint statement, but Egypt's presidency published a release saying the war in Gaza had 'revealed a shortcoming in the values of the international community in addressing crises'.

22 October, 2023