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Ruslan Trad

Ruslan Trad

Ruslan Trad is the author of 'The Murder of a Revolution' and co-author of 'The Russian Invisible Armies'. His journalistic work is focused on PMCs, Syria, and conflict zones

In-depth: Over the last decade, through corruption and underhand dealings, gold has provided brutal men – both local and foreign – with the financial means to start wars.

09 May, 2023

Analysis: Since its intervention in Syria in 2015, Russia has turned its attention to sub-Saharan and Central Africa, seeking to access the region's diamond and gold mines and challenge its geopolitical opponents.

06 October, 2021

Analysis: The arrival of Russian mercenaries changed the war in Libya, with the Wagner group key to cementing Moscow's influence in the country.

25 August, 2021

Analysis: The speed of both the withdrawal of US forces and the Taliban offensive will cause geopolitical shifts, and Iran is watching with concern.

20 July, 2021

Analysis: Libya's proxy conflict has emerged as a key theatre for mercenary activity, with foreign fighters unlikely to leave anytime soon.

22 June, 2021

Analysis: Uncertainty in Chad following Idriss Deby's sudden death represents an opportunity for Russia to expand its interests in West and Central Africa.

06 May, 2021

Analysis: Moscow's role in Syria is often referenced through its military intervention, but the Kremlin is also using soft power tactics to shape a future elite and establish lasting influence.

15 April, 2021

Analysis: In an era of increasingly privatised warfare, Russia is spearheading the use of mercenaries to expand its influence.

17 February, 2021

Analysis: Conflict dynamics in both Syria and Nagorno-Karabakh are part of a broad field of confrontation between Moscow and Ankara, stretching from North Africa to the Caucasus.

04 December, 2020