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Abeer Ayyoub


Abeer Ayyoub is a freelance journalist based in Istanbul 

Follow her on X: @abeerayyoub

Amid escalating conflict, Gaza’s collapsing economy has led to severe food shortages and widespread poverty, leaving its population in desperate need of support

20 June, 2024

As Israel warns it will intensify its Rafah offensive, the Palestinians sheltering there are at a loss of whether to stay or leave, yet again.

17 May, 2024

Gaza is one of the world's most dangerous places to be a woman. Women are subjected to abuse and torture whilst detained by Israel or killed while fleeing.

19 March, 2024

Israel has surrounded the southern city of Rafah where more than 1.4 million Gazans are sheltering. With a ground invasion looming, Gazans fear the worst.

16 February, 2024

Israel has cut communication to and from Gaza. After Israel imposed an internet blackout and severed telecommunication links, Gazans have increasingly returned to radio transmission, as a last resort, to find out what's going on around them.

03 November, 2023

Palestinians in Gaza are painted by the media as either permanent victims or deserving of destruction. This constant dehumanisation wipes Gazans of their humanity, and a voice in the world. The 'Not Numbers' group is trying to change this narrative.

01 November, 2023

Gaza's hospitals are breathing their last breath. Israeli airstrikes have set their sights on Gaza's healthcare infrastructure and ambulances and paramedics have been targeted. Overcrowded and under-staffed, the situation on the ground is dire.

20 October, 2023

The situation on the ground in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic. Hospitals have run out of electricity and Gaza's population is quickly running out of water. With little aid, Gazans now fear a second Nakba at the hands of the Israeli occupation.

13 October, 2023

Jerusalem is at the heart of Israel's occupation of Palestine, as such, its Palestinian and Arab makeup is constantly at risk of erasure. This threat has necessitated a new form of alternative tourism: one that emphasises the city's real character.

18 August, 2023

Alternative music has become increasingly popular in the MENA region and beyond as more young musicians opt to produce their own music independently rather than through commercial production companies, allowing them to be as expressive as they want.

08 June, 2023