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Inigo Alexander


Inigo Alexander is a freelance journalist whose work focuses on Spain, Latin America and social justice. His work has appeared in The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Local, NACLA, among others

The Arab diaspora in Latin America is immensely overlooked and understudied in contemporary research. Understanding this immigration allows us to appreciate syncretic and assimilatory behaviours, with the Colombian city of Maicao a rich example.

24 March, 2023

In-depth: In recent years many countries across Latin America have shunned incumbent conservative governments and elected leftist leaders, ushering in hopes for renewed solidarity among the region's vast Palestinian diaspora.

01 July, 2022

In-depth: Despite President Gabriel Boric's history of support for the Palestinian cause, his administration has focused on other domestic political concerns.

14 June, 2022

While armchair enthusiasts of European history are well aware of southern Spain's Islamic history, most are unaware that Madrid, Spain's current capital, once had a distinct Islamic footprint. Yet, after centuries of neglect, few relics remain.

14 December, 2021

In-depth: In recent years the Middle East has become a popular destination for Colombian mercenaries, with military veterans from the South American country's civil conflict involved in wars across the region.

04 August, 2021

In-depth: Club Deportivo Palestino has a long and historic connection to Palestine and the club is using sport as a means of supporting and showing solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

22 June, 2021

In-depth: The Spanish capital's migrant community is mobilising its electorate and carving out space for itself within Madrid's political sphere, challenging the rise of far-right politics.

20 May, 2021

With incidents of xenophobia towards Arab communities in Spain on the rise, the establishment of Baynana is a welcome counterweight to anti-immigrant sentiment, and the promotion of Arab-led news.

05 May, 2021