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Mohamad Elmasry


Mohamad Hamas Elmasry is an Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, and an Assistant Professor of Communications at the University of North Alabama.

Comment: Six years after Egypt's fleeting year of democracy, Sisi has engineered a country where political competition no longer exists, writes Mohamad Elmasry.

03 July, 2019

Comment: Morsi will be remembered, tragically, for the message that was delivered by Arab despots after his electoral victory - that democracy will not be tolerated, writes Mohamad Elmasry.

18 June, 2019

Comment: Trump's push to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a 'terror group' has more to do with Islamophobia and authoritarianism, than 'fighting terrorism', writes Mohamed ElMasry.

02 May, 2019

Comment: In the four years since Morsi was ousted in a military coup, Sisi's regime has accumulated the hallmarks of an authoritarian state scared of losing control, writes Mohamad Elmasry.

03 July, 2017

Comment: Beyond the fawning compliments, Sisi's visit to Washington will likely see the Egyptian president keen to persuade Trump to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood, writes Mohamad Elmasry.

31 March, 2017