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Majed Abusalama


Majed Abusalama is an independent award-winning writer, human rights defender and policy analyst who have a long history of engaging with conflict transformation programmes, decolonising Palestine, and building grassroots movements in the Global South.

Majed Abusalama writes his personal reflections on the last 48 hours following Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, reminding us that it is Israel’s colonial crimes that must be stressed amidst increasing racist Western framing of Palestinians as 'terrorists'.

08 October, 2023

Comment: Battling Covid-19 requires a health infrastructure that has been destroyed by Israel's occupation and blockade, and yet the international community stands mute, writes Majed Abusalama.

05 December, 2020

Comment: Germany's attempt to muzzle thinker and philosopher Achille Mbembe on the grounds of anti-semitism amounts to an extension of Israeli apartheid, writes Majed Abusalama.

26 May, 2020