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Jamil Hussein

Jamil Hussein

Jamil Hussein has been a journalist for over ten years, working for a number of online news organisations and publications. He writes about many topics including sport, politics, current affairs, lifestyle and culture.

Mo Farah is arguably Britain's greatest ever athlete, but the country still has a way to go before it truly accepts and celebrates its diverse citizens, writes Jamil Hussein.

12 October, 2017

In-depth: Has a city in Denmark cracked the puzzle of fighting terrorism?

08 August, 2017

Comment: For far too long, mainstream rhetoric on multiculturalism and immigration has been shifting to the right. Corbyn's rise is a sign that many have had enough, writes Jamil Hussein.

04 July, 2017

Comment: Praise for Muslims helping at Grenfell Tower tragedy was met with derision, but nobody showed discomfort with the mention of Sikhs and Christians doing the same, writes Jamil Hussein.

16 June, 2017

Blog: British tabloids and broadsheets alike failed to thoroughly study the survey's results and simply published agenda-driven rubbish about conspiracy theories, writes Jamil Hussein.

08 December, 2016

The UK's counter-extremism efforts with Prevent treats Muslims with suspicion and leading to the country's Muslim community feeling increasingly isolated from authorities, says

03 December, 2016

Society: The legacy of strategic relations between England and the Islamic world led to military alliances, trade relations and even had an impact on arts and literature, reports Jamil Hussein.

07 October, 2016

With Eid fast arriving and Hajj already underway, Jamil Hussein shares his personal previous experience of the holy Islamic pilgrimage.

10 September, 2016

With the Premier League now well under way, Jamil Hussein lists the top five Arab players to look out for this season.

03 September, 2016

The most popular Muslim name has brought good luck to the British Olympic team, in a testament to the success of multiculturalism, blogs Jamil Hussein.

23 August, 2016