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Maen al-Bayari


Maen al-Bayari is a writer and journalist from Jordan. He is the chief Opinion Editor of The New Arab's Arabic Edition, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

Opinion: Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal's interview on Al Arabiya - the Saudi news agency known for its anti-Hamas rhetoric - raised eyebrows and sparked questions. Maen al-Bayari discusses the possible explanations.

09 July, 2021

Comment: Iran should back up it talk about willingness to work towards peace with the withdrawal of militias from Syria, writes Maen al-Bayari.

22 May, 2017

Comment: Egypt's police state has failed to protect its people. Instead, it is fuelling vicious sectarian violence that has now become an almost daily occurrence, writes Maen al-Bayari.

10 April, 2017

Comment: Recent sentences handed down in Egypt and Lebanon suggest the idea of judges' independence is nothing but a boring joke, argues Maen al-Bayari.

18 May, 2015

Comment: Since the Berber Spring, there have been growing demands from Algerian Amazighs for greater language rights. All sides need to be wary of divisions, says Maen al-Bayari.

27 April, 2015

Comment: Iran's relationship with the Arab world is at a crucial juncture. We must not make the mistakes of the past, says Maen al-Bayari.

14 April, 2015

Comment: The call for national dialogues in divided countries across the region is a farce as long as dictators, strongmen and militants are imposing their wills on the ground.

24 March, 2015

Review: The beautifully filmed movie looks at life under the control of an Islamist-jihadi group in Mauritania.

14 March, 2015

Comment: Jordan's recent diplomatic opening to Iran is a sign of changing regional relationships in the wake of the realisation that Iran cannot be ignored.

10 March, 2015

Comment: Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi needs to rebuild his image to reassert his presidency, or face joining the list of deposed and humiliated Arab presidents.

24 February, 2015