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Kevin Schwartz


Kevin L. Schwartz is a Research Fellow at the Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. He holds a PhD in Near Eastern Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

For decades, the US has refused to move past its misguided policies and unwavering support for Israel, with no regard for the human cost, writes Kevin Schwartz.

06 February, 2024

Comment: India's treatment of Kashmiris shows that the global practice of Muslim repression has now reached new heights, writes Kevin Schwartz.

05 September, 2019

Comment: Justifying a war with Iran based on the actions of its proxies is dangerously misguided, writes Kevin Schwartz.

27 May, 2019

Comment: The Warsaw summit is set to blame Iran for all of the Middle East's problems, but it's a bit more complicated than that, writes Kevin Schwartz.

13 February, 2019

As the UN General Assembly begins, Kevin L. Schwartz questions whether Iran is the region's sole source of unrest, conflict, and political instability.

24 September, 2018

Comment: Government wavering about how to move forward following the recent protests has left an opening for someone like Ahmadinejad to exploit, writes Kevin Schwartz.

22 March, 2018