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Ghada Karmi


Karmi is a London-based writer and academic and the author of In search of Fatima: A Palestinian story. Her new book, Return: A Palestinian Memoir, will be published by in May 2015.

Comment: Conflating the anti-Semitic with the anti-Israeli leaves anti-Zionists open to accusations of racism and Jews open to attack. Israel has deliberately muddied those waters.

03 March, 2015

Palestinians may just have dodged a bullet when the United Nations Security Council failed to endorse a resolution that in effect would have undermined the Palestinian cause.

07 January, 2015

Since the UN decided on the partition of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states, it is the Palestinians who have suffered with expulsion, exile and continued oppression. 67 years on, tragedy is turning to hope.

30 November, 2014

In spite of an apparent shift in Palestinian fortunes, Western fixation on a two-state solution is wrong-headed and the ‘vision’ unworkable. Plan B, a single secular, democratic state, is the only viable option to replace the current Israeli apartheid rule.

05 November, 2014