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Yasmina Allouche

Yasmina Allouche


Yasmina Allouche is a freelance journalist and researcher working on the Maghreb with a special focus on Algeria.

Analysis: Algeria and its gas resources have taken on greater importance for Europe while it navigates its worsening energy crisis, with countries vying for stronger partnerships with Algiers.

05 September, 2022

Analysis: As relations between Morocco and Algeria continue to deteriorate, Europe could also feel the consequences.

01 December, 2021

Analysis: While the Islamist-led coalition suffered a shock defeat as liberal parties made gains, the main purpose of elections in Morocco is to produce political elites capable of implementing the palace's vision.

21 September, 2021

Analysis: Algeria's decision to rupture relations with Morocco will come as no surprise to observers who have been following the deepening political rift.

26 August, 2021

Opinion: Algerian politics is caught in a struggle between loyal proponents of the old regime, and an uncompromising protest movement, writes Yasmina Allouche.

11 June, 2021

Testing times await Algeria after December 12 as fears surrounding the country's future continue to grow, but whoever is elected as the next president post-Bouteflika faces an enormous challenge.

11 December, 2019

Comment: Bouteflika's withdrawal from the presidential race is a significant victory for its burgeoning protest movement, writes Yasmina Allouche.

11 March, 2019

Comment: Control of the situation lies in legalising the presence of sub-Saharan migrants in Algeria, writes Yasmina Allouche.

13 July, 2017

Comment: Rumours abound as the Algerian president's appearances become increasingly rare, but whatever comes next, it is unlikely to change much for Algeria's citizens, writes Yasmina Allouche.

31 March, 2017

Comment: Algerians have a strong sense of collective pride in their national heroes, but little was learned from their struggle that could be injected into modern battles, writes Yasmina Allouche

01 November, 2016