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Mona Abdel Fattah


Comment: Hassan Turaibi has been a friend of some of Sudan's most brutal dictators. After setting himself up as an opponent when he fell out favour with President Bashir, Turaibi is looking to return to power.

01 March, 2015

Comment: US foreign policy is hard-nosed realpolitik with an veneer of idealism. It supported Mubarak for 30 years, then acquiesced in the overthrow of Egypt’s fledgling democracy with barely a murmur of objection.

27 January, 2015

The former Libyan leader continues to exert control over the country from beyond the grave. Some Libyans even claim to have seen his ghost.

30 December, 2014

Sudan is under local and international pressure to tighten restrictions on slavery, but there are suggestions that the government is complicit in human trafficking.

12 November, 2014