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Amjad Nasser


Blog: The call to boycott Israel has not been widely heard in the Arab world, but European film directors are making sure it is not forgotten.

16 June, 2015

Comment: The Facebook founder's decision to read Ibn Khaldun's Muqaddimah will give him a taste of racism among Arabs, says Amjad Nasser.

09 June, 2015

Comment: The Zionist Birthright programme gives young Jews a racist and biased perspective about life in Israel, says Amjad Nasser.

12 May, 2015

Blog: The deeds of Scheherazade in Arabian Nights shows Palestinians that a cause must have a narrative, otherwise it is futile, says Amjad Nasser.

21 April, 2015

Feature: Traders are taking advantage of crisis caused by Saudi-led bombing by raising prices of basic commodities.

08 April, 2015

Feature: Extremists from Tunisia to Afghanistan have used Islam to destroy the ancient legacies left behind by their forefathers.

02 March, 2015

The once legendary and cosmopolitan city has morphed into the playground for crude warring sects.

17 December, 2014

Large numbers of Syrian refugees in Jordan voted for Bashar al-Assad in the last presidential elections, despite the hardship and suffering he has caused them.

19 November, 2014

Discontent is growing after an influx of Syrian refugees arrive in the northern Jordanian border town.

18 November, 2014

Known for its green fields and traditional Nablusi architecture, Salt is now becoming more associated with radical jihadi ideology.

13 November, 2014