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Nasser al-Sahli

Nasser al-Sahli


Palestinian journalist based in Europe. Writes for Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, The New Arab's English-language sister edition.

In-depth: Pension funds in Denmark are facing increasing public pressure to withdraw their investments from Israel as the war on Gaza continues.

26 February, 2024

As Israel continues its brutal assault on Gaza, Netanyahu said what Gaza needs is a 'cultural change'. Elon Musk chimed in soon after, calling for people in Gaza to be 're-educated' - but who is in need of 'cultural change'? asks Nasser al-Sahli.

07 December, 2023

Victimised and targeted, refugees are seeing the uncaring face of Europe as Nordic countries pull up the drawbridge and make life for asylum-seekers as difficult as possible inside.

26 January, 2016

As more and more migrants and refugees make their way to Europe, fleeing poverty and conflict, Nordic far-right groups are coming together and creating vigilante groups to "protect" their communities.

21 January, 2016

Feature: Um Ghassan only meant to visit her son in Denmark for a few months, but found she had been considered an immigrant, now stuck in a foreign culture.

07 October, 2015

Hizb ut-Tahrir says democracy is "fundamentally incompatible" with Islam, prompting calls for the group to be banned.

12 June, 2015

Comment: Sheikhs in the West who incite anti-western rhetoric and actions are endangering Muslims living there.

06 March, 2015