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Emad Moussa

Emad Moussa


Dr Emad Moussa is a Palestinian-British researcher and writer specialising in the political psychology of intergroup and conflict dynamics, focusing on MENA with a special interest in Israel/Palestine. He has a background in human rights and journalism, and is currently a frequent contributor to multiple academic and media outlets, in addition to being a consultant for a US-based think tank.

Ghefreh has lived through two Nakbas, 1948 and today. Her grandson Emad Moussa tells her story of twinned displacement and how they've now blurred into one.

15 May, 2024

Israel's allies are snubbing Netanyahu to cloak their complicity in genocide, writes Emad Moussa. But what if Bibi is a symptom of a wider societal disease?

07 May, 2024

Egypt's inaction over Israeli crimes in Gaza has fuelled accusations of complicity, writes Emad Moussa. But how has Egypt's stance changed through time?

19 April, 2024

Behind the humanitarian facade, Biden's port plan is about appeasing voters while helping Israel occupy and forcibly displace Gaza, writes Emad Moussa.

18 March, 2024

From running into the sea for airdropped aid to risking their lives for a sack of flour, Israel's war is an attack on Palestinian dignity, writes Emad Moussa.

05 March, 2024

As public discontent and the threats to Egypt's national security grow, Emad Moussa asks: how long will Cairo stick by its soft stance on Israel's war on Gaza?

20 February, 2024

Even with all its military might, Israel's campaign to 'destroy Hamas' and defeat Palestinian resistance is unfeasible, writes Emad Moussa.

29 January, 2024

If the ideology of Zionism is left unchecked, there is a real threat that Israel will extend its genocidal war to the West Bank and Lebanon, writes Emad Moussa.

17 January, 2024

Opinion: Israeli strikes on UN sites in Gaza are a calculated escalation, aiming to divide and render Gaza uninhabitable, and erase UNRWA's historical role.

02 January, 2024

The deep flaws of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights undermine its relevance unless reformed, argues Emad Moussa. Case in point? Occupied Palestine.

13 December, 2023