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Emad Moussa

Emad Moussa


Dr Emad Moussa is a Palestinian-British researcher and writer specialising in the political psychology of intergroup and conflict dynamics, focusing on MENA with a special interest in Israel/Palestine. He has a background in human rights and journalism, and is currently a frequent contributor to multiple academic and media outlets, in addition to being a consultant for a US-based think tank.

As public discontent and the threats to Egypt's national security grow, Emad Moussa asks: how long will Cairo stick by its soft stance on Israel's war on Gaza?

20 February, 2024

Even with all its military might, Israel's campaign to 'destroy Hamas' and defeat Palestinian resistance is unfeasible, writes Emad Moussa.

29 January, 2024

If the ideology of Zionism is left unchecked, there is a real threat that Israel will extend its genocidal war to the West Bank and Lebanon, writes Emad Moussa.

17 January, 2024

Opinion: Israeli strikes on UN sites in Gaza are a calculated escalation, aiming to divide and render Gaza uninhabitable, and erase UNRWA's historical role.

02 January, 2024

The deep flaws of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights undermine its relevance unless reformed, argues Emad Moussa. Case in point? Occupied Palestine.

13 December, 2023

On the anniversary of the First Intifada, Emad Moussa reflects on the importance of Jabalia refugee camp in the resistance that was sparked 36 years ago, providing an insight into why Israel has historically targeted this area.

08 December, 2023

Israel's occupation of Palestinian water in Gaza is a critical, and often overlooked feature of its setter-colonial infrastructure. With Gazans facing a real threat of death by dehydration, we look at the history of the occupation of Gaza's water.

29 November, 2023

For Palestinians in Gaza forced to live in a perpetual state of distress, even if they survive the bombs, the psychological trauma of the Israeli siege, occupation and colonisation can be a deferred death sentence, writes Emad Moussa.

15 November, 2023

Regardless of what it may claim, Palestinians know that Israel's goal has always been mass murder, ethnic cleansing and forced expulsion just like in 1948. In Gaza, we are witnessing the prelude, writes Emad Moussa.

31 October, 2023

As Israel continues to indiscriminately bomb Gaza, Emad Moussa writes that it has always been Israel's goal to ethnically cleanse the Strip, and reflects on the helplessness and rage of Palestinians in the diaspora.

17 October, 2023