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Bill Law


Law is a former BBC Gulf analyst. Follow him on twitter: @Billlaw49

The liberation of Al-Shaddadi, a small Syrian town currently held by Daesh could prove to be a turning point in the fight against the group.

20 December, 2015

Comment: The Middle East's rulers are shoring up their huge arsenals, proving that cash will always trump human rights concerns, writes Bill Law.

29 October, 2015

Comment: The West has yet to wake up to the fact that it is at war, writes Bill Law.

05 October, 2015

Comment: Obama has had to let the Saudis have their way in Yemen in order to win their approval for the Iran nuclear deal, writes Bill Law

15 September, 2015

Comment: With the Saudi-led war in Yemen dragging on longer than expected, Saudi royals are beginning to tire of the civilian casualties and on-off ceasefires, writes Bill Law.

17 July, 2015

Comment: What has been achieved by Saudi Arabia's bombing of Yemen? Other than destruction, despair, disease and death, not much, writes Bill Law.

08 July, 2015

Analysis: The latest series of attacks demonstrates both the group's reach, and an indication it is under severe pressure on all fronts, writes Bill Law.

26 June, 2015

Comment: The Islamic State group will use the holy month to drive its core strategy of expansion. But recent losses in Syria could blunt its ambition, says Bill Law.

19 June, 2015

Analysis: Another suspected sectarian bombing in Saudi Arabia risks spiralling into serious unrest if Riyadh does not respond immediately, says Bill Law.

22 May, 2015

Analysis: The US singer should understand the abuses meted out by the government for whom he is performing on Monday, says veteran activist Nabeel Rajab.

01 March, 2015