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Orient XXI

Orient XXI is a French news and current affairs website offering a fresh and in-depth look at Middle East affairs.

In France, at a time when there is increasing controversy over the role of the police, there is a tendency to forget the colonial origins of state brutality, and the influence of a “know-how” acquired during Algeria’s war of independence.

01 July, 2022

Comment: Teachers and researchers on both sides of the Atlantic are calling for ending unconditional support for Israel, and for the region to embark on the path to denuclearisation.

24 July, 2018

Interview: Professor Aziz El-Matri, a Tunisian kidney specialist and member of The Transplantation Society discusses organ donation in the Islamic tradition with Aziz El-Matri.

21 December, 2017

Interview: Has France's foreign policy helped recruit soldiers to Islamic State, and what should the republic's foreign policy be in Syria, Yemen and beyond? Melenchon's spokesperson, Charlotte Girard responds.

22 April, 2017