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David Sheen


David Sheen is an independent journalist originally from Toronto, Canada and now based in Dimona, Israel.

Comment: People are finally speaking out against Netanyahu's migrant expulsion policy, but they must also insist the government rolls back its decade-long propaganda campaign against refugees, writes David Sheen.

02 March, 2018

Comment: Netanyahu's racist, anti-African immigration policies are bringing cheer to white supremacists on both sides of the Atlantic, writes David Sheen.

16 January, 2018

Comment: Thirty-two years after the airlift that brought them to Israel, Ethiopian emigres are increasingly skeptical of the government's saviour narrative, writes David Sheen.

05 January, 2017

Comment: Ethiopians have so far resisted alliances with other minority groups, but Netanyahu’s manipulations may drive them towards it, writes David Sheen

14 July, 2016