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Hugh Lovatt

Hugh Lovatt

Hugh Lovatt is a policy fellow with the Middle East and North Africa program at the European Council on Foreign Relations based in London

Analysis: From reoccupying Gaza to reinstalling the Palestinian Authority, Israel's endgame scenarios are still unclear, but a return to the former status quo of occupation and open-ended conflict is not sustainable.

17 October, 2023

Analysis: The international diplomatic approach of tying Gaza's recovery to an ageing and discredited Abbas, and doubling down on a broken and authoritarian system, will not contain Hamas or help Gazans.

07 June, 2021

Analysis: The Palestinian leadership must escape the illusion that Biden will significantly challenge Israeli policy, let alone deliver Palestinian statehood.

18 November, 2020

Israel's unrelenting drive to settle the occupied West Bank, combined with international timidity, has led to the unravelling of the two-state project.

05 May, 2020