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Raya al-Jadir


Raya al-Jadir is a journalist and researcher, who also runs a blog campaigning on disability and access issues.

Book Club: When lives are shattered by war and loss, it is a matter of fight or flight to survive. Zoulfa Katouh's latest novel is a pained, if hopeful, account of how the Syrian Civil War split up families and loved ones when faced with uncertainty.

05 October, 2022

Disability rights in MENA: Raya al-Jadir, co-founder of disability lifestyle magazine Disability Horizons elaborates on the archaic perception of the disabled within in the Arab World, and what needs to change to encourage a more inclusive future.

20 January, 2022

Being a disabled Muslim woman may mean experiencing more discrimination and obstacles in your path but Sannah Hussain is changing and challenging the status quo of disabled females.

05 July, 2019

Book Club: Author and poet Ibrahim Nasrallah, winner of the 2018 International Prize for Arabic Fiction, talks more in-depth about his life and his writing.

30 November, 2018

In-depth: EmpowerGaza - a solar energy initiative by Palestinians for Palestinians - is restoring power to Gaza's stricken hospitals, writes Raya al-Jadir.

28 March, 2018

Society: Through art, film and education, Watanili is a grassroots initiative working to give traumatised Syrian children a dose of normal childhood, reports Raya AlJadir.

28 March, 2018

Seeking to inspire environmental movements to reform the current trajectory of Palestinian waste, and poor management of resources, Refutrees is a growing organisation.

22 February, 2018

Living with Muscular Dystrophy under siege in Gaza, Mohamed Dalo is fighting through his art, reports Raya al-Jadir.

22 February, 2018

In Arab society, where people with disabilities are hidden from view, stigmatised and denied work, a group of star bakers with Down's Syndrome have cooked up a recipe for success.

29 November, 2017

At a time when Sunni-Shia conflict rages throughout much of the Muslim world, British-Iraqi filmmaker Hoda Elsoudani's new film asks... why not both?

08 April, 2016