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Wilson Dizard


Wilson Dizard is a reporter and photojournalist covering politics, media and culture. He enjoys bicycling.

Follow him on Twitter: @willdizard

Comment: Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria and sanction Turkey has exposed a weak US president with little diplomatic credibility, writes Will Dizard.

17 October, 2019

Comment: The tech advances of our age are helping the US government carry out its authoritarian, discriminatory agenda, writes Wilson Dizard.

10 September, 2019

Comment: Holding the Joshua-Ruiz rematch, itself a problematic event, in Saudi Arabia will be an act of complicity in the kingdom's brutal human rights record, argues Wilson Dizard

21 August, 2019

Comment: Nicki Minaj's decision not to perform in Saudi Arabia shows she has more of a backbone than most western leaders, writes Will Dizard.

11 July, 2019

Comment: The president has turned Washington’s annual 4 July celebration into a Trump-branded rally with his military wares on show, writes Wilson Dizard.

04 July, 2019

Comment: In a twist of injustice, the Christchurch mass murderer has, with the aid of the internet, managed to muffle the story of his victims, writes Wilson Dizard.

15 March, 2019

Comment: Bernie Sanders gets many things wrong about Palestine, writes Wilson Dizard. But he's right about the centrality of water resources to any future peace deal.

28 February, 2019

Comment: If you can't fight the lobby, fight the system that created the lobby, writes Wilson Dizard.

12 February, 2019

Comment: The rise of cyberweapons and cyberwar calls out for rules for their use, writes Wilson Dizard.

31 January, 2019

Comment: The internet is a fertile forum for fear and deception, but it's clear Congress has no idea what to do about it, writes Wilson Dizard.

13 December, 2018