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Sabena Siddiqui


Sabena Siddiqui is a foreign affairs journalist, lawyer and geopolitical analyst specialising in modern China, the Belt and Road Initiative, Middle East and South Asia.

Analysis: China's footprint on Afghanistan's politics, foreign policy, and economy is gradually deepening as it increases its engagement with the Taliban.

14 February, 2024

Analysis: Moscow's support for the UAE in a dispute over three Gulf islands is part of a strategy to geopolitically balance the GCC and Iran.

10 January, 2024

Analysis: With souring relations between the Taliban and Pakistan, and a surge in militant attacks, Islamabad is planning to expel more than 1.5 million undocumented Afghan refugees. But it could have serious implications for regional security.

14 November, 2023

In-depth: Iran has sought a pragmatic relationship with the Taliban, but concerns over Afghan refugees and a dispute over access to water resources have led to escalating tensions.

21 September, 2023

Analysis: Joining the BRICS alliance would cement Algeria's relations with China and Russia and open up alternative financial and foreign investment opportunities.

17 August, 2023

Analysis: Pakistan is the latest country to import discounted Russian oil while at the same time trying to balance its ties with Ukraine and Western allies.

19 June, 2023

Analysis: Beijing is hoping to unlock the huge economic and infrastructure opportunities that Afghanistan has to offer.

17 May, 2023

Analysis: For Riyadh, taking steps to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is about demonstrating that it is an independent geopolitical player and has alternative options to the United States.

03 April, 2023

Analysis: While highly symbolic for Iran in the face of international isolation, serious obstacles will continue to limit bilateral cooperation.

20 February, 2023

Analysis: Saudi financial assistance has been slower than usual due to a changing political and economic climate, but strategic relations between both countries remain deeply entrenched.

16 January, 2023