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Sabena Siddiqui


Sabena Siddiqui is a foreign affairs journalist, lawyer and geopolitical analyst specialising in modern China, the Belt and Road Initiative, Middle East and South Asia.

Analysis: Beijing is hoping to unlock the huge economic and infrastructure opportunities that Afghanistan has to offer.

17 May, 2023

Analysis: For Riyadh, taking steps to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is about demonstrating that it is an independent geopolitical player and has alternative options to the United States.

03 April, 2023

Analysis: While highly symbolic for Iran in the face of international isolation, serious obstacles will continue to limit bilateral cooperation.

20 February, 2023

Analysis: Saudi financial assistance has been slower than usual due to a changing political and economic climate, but strategic relations between both countries remain deeply entrenched.

16 January, 2023

Analysis: Syed Asim Munir has taken charge of Pakistan's powerful army amid an economic crisis and deepening political tensions.

06 December, 2022

Analysis: As relations with Washington take a sour turn, Riyadh is exploring new options to extend its geopolitical influence.

10 November, 2022

Analysis: While nuclear talks had already reached a deadlock, Iran's response to the protest movement could further change the calculus of diplomatic negotiations.

26 October, 2022

Analysis: Already the de facto ruler, MbS' new role as prime minister formalises his power status domestically while also providing legal cover against lawsuits over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

05 October, 2022

Analysis: Regardless of the nuclear deal's fate, Tehran is seeking to diversify its foreign policy and secure economic opportunities on the African continent while countering the influence of its rivals.

12 September, 2022

Analysis: Expectations are high ahead of the Chinese president's anticipated visit to the Kingdom, signalling deepening strategic ties between Beijing and Riyadh while sending a strong message to Washington.

25 August, 2022