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Uri Levy (@Levyninho) run the popular football blog BabaGol (@babagol_), which covers football and politics focusing on the Middle East

This week Spanish football legend Xavi Hernandez said farewell to the game as a player, ending his first chapter with Qatar's Al-Sadd.

23 May, 2019

With football seasons in the Middle East coming to a close, there have been some unpredictable ends to league battles.

16 May, 2019

Qatar has announced that Felix Sanchez will extend his contract until the 2022 World Cup in the country.

08 May, 2019

Troubles are afoot in one of Saudi Arabia's establishment clubs, Al-Hilal, while Spain's Super Cup could be heading to the kingdom.

30 April, 2019

Sudanese football players are supporting the tens of thousands of protesters confronting the regime's security forces.

09 April, 2019

Lebanon's Nejmeh refused to enter the occupied West Bank, forfeiting its match to Hilal al-Quds, as derbies played out across the region.

02 April, 2019

Burundi, Tanzania, Namibia and Kenya will all take to the AFCON field, while Israel and Turkey both got their Euro 2020 campaigns off to a flying start.

02 April, 2019

The Middle East has turned this week to New Zealand, where a horrific terror attack in a mosque took the lives of 50 people.

21 March, 2019

No AFC Cup match had ever been played in the occupied Palestinian territories, until Jordanian champions Al-Wehdat this week took on Palestine's champions, Hilal al-Quds.

14 March, 2019

Across Algeria, fans showed the football community cannot remain indifferent to politics and social events, chanting against Bouteflika's now-cancelled bid for re-election.

12 March, 2019