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Clovis Maksoud


Comment: Clovis Maksoud predicts that under Liberal Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau, son of long-time Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Canada will reverse its hawkish pro-Israeli Middle East policy.

02 November, 2015

After the publication of UN report on last summer's war on Gaza which detailed unprecedented levels of suffering in the strip, Israel must be held to account, writes Clovis Maksoud.

05 July, 2015

Comment: Pope Francis's recognition of Palestine has boosted hopes of nationhood and highlighted Israel's aggressive and illegal behaviour, says Clovis Maksoud.

18 May, 2015

Comment: Although the Iran deal is still at a framework stage, there are hopes that the agreement will help ease sectarian tensions in the region.

03 April, 2015

Comment: The Arab world is fractured and divided as never before, but has the recently concluded Sharm el Sheikh summit effectively addressed the challenges Arab states face?

30 March, 2015

Comment: Netanyahu is courting the right-wing in Israel in hope of winning the up-coming elections. Palestinians need to prepare for whatever comes next.

14 March, 2015

The disastrous 1967 war and apathy of Arab leaders has seen a new political landscape emerge in the Arab world. It is now time for Palestine to seize the initiative and bring Israel to justice.

28 December, 2014

At home and abroad, the Obama administration faces serious challenges. It needs to find a way to do this effectively.

29 November, 2014

Lebanon needs to be self-criticial. Its sectarianism has undermined the state, and the country's capacity to contribute to regional progress.

23 November, 2014