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Bashdar Ismaeel


Writer and geopolitical energy and security analyst.

Comment: The time has come for Iraq's politicians to prove they can overcome foreign meddling, sectarianism and corruption, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

07 November, 2018

Comment: A year after the independence referendum, Iraq's Kurds will need to show unity in order to cement their leverage in Baghdad, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

28 September, 2018

Comment: Fraught relations between Washington and Ankara speak of a wider story in the Middle East, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

03 September, 2018

Comment: No matter who is the victor, they will have to contend with the half, who will be bitter at any electoral defeat, writes Bashdar Ismaeel

18 June, 2018

Analysis: Afrin has become a theatre for regional and global powers to wield influence, extract concessions to boost their goals in Syria, and settle scores over rivals, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

28 February, 2018

Analysis: Determination to derail Kurdish statehood aspirations led to the emergence of a newfound Ankara-Baghdad-Tehran alliance, but this anti-Kurdish bloc may not be sustainable.

07 February, 2018

Comment: Iraq remains at the mercy of sectarianism and violence, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

02 November, 2017