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Bashdar Ismaeel


Writer and geopolitical energy and security analyst.

Opinion: Almost 20 years after they arrived, US forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan, leaving a resurgent Taliban and weak national government behind, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

13 July, 2021

Comment: The real losers of the US sanctions are ordinary Iranian people, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

27 November, 2019

Comment: With anti-government protests spreading through the streets of Iraq, Abdul Mahdi's mandate may be over before it's really begun, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

08 October, 2019

Comment: The AKP's loss in Istanbul will serve as a warning for the party, but with the right response, they can address the opposition's concerns, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

26 June, 2019

Comment: Saudi Arabia's designs on closer ties with Iraq may mean engaging more with arch regional rival, Iran, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

17 May, 2019

Comment: Any focus on victory over IS ignores the immense work ahead, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

05 March, 2019

Comment: Afghanistan finds itself in a precarious political and security position, with the resurgent Taliban a persistent thorn on the side of the Afghan government, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

27 December, 2018

Comment: A hasty US withdrawal would leave the region in state of greater instability than when Washington arrived, writes Bashdar Ismaeel.

20 December, 2018

Comment: The US has tried to sit on the fence between local allies in the SDF and regional allies in Ankara, but the situation is increasingly untenable, writes Bashdar Ismaeel

18 December, 2018

Analysis: As Syria's civil war stutters towards an eventual end, the jockeying for political influence and strategic footholds is as crucial as ever, reports Bashdar Ismaeel.

01 December, 2018