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Dana Hourany


Three years after the devastating August 4 blast, the absence of justice and accountability has led to compounded despair and frustration, leaving many Lebanese to carry on with their lives as if violence has become normalised.

04 August, 2023

In the wake of a devastating earthquake that levelled much of northern Syria, the Lebanese have been organising small initiatives to help ease the suffering of the Syrian people.

10 February, 2023

As a result of the government's decision to lift subsidies on baby formula, many Lebanese families are struggling to nourish their infants adequately, with the fundamental right of a healthy upbringing now becoming a luxury for most Lebanese families

31 January, 2023

In-depth: As living conditions worsen in cash-strapped Lebanon a new wave of anti-refugee sentiment has swept the country, with Syrian refugees blamed for the country's problems amid growing calls for their repatriation.

10 August, 2022

The Beirut Port explosion exacerbated each of Lebanon's societal fissures, including gender disparities. A study released by SEEDS details the extent of this divide, showing how aid was skewed away from minorities in the aftermath of the port blast.

02 August, 2022

In-depth: A Christian group called the 'Soldiers of God' vandalised a rainbow billboard in Beirut as part of its fight against Lebanon's LGBTQ+ community. Amid a wave of state repression, activists warn of a narrowing space for queer activism.

06 July, 2022

As inflation hits all basic goods in Lebanon, safe sex has become a luxury for a population with scarce access to US dollars. Experts are now warning of a rapid deterioration of sexual health if imported birth control options remain inaccessible.

05 July, 2022

As Lebanon's local currency becomes more unstable, cancer patients struggle to cover the costs of treatments and find it near impossible to locate their medicines inside local pharmacies.

07 June, 2022

In-depth: Tasked with ensuring national security and sectarian cohesion, Lebanon's armed forces were assailed by a financial crisis that slashed their salaries by more than 90 percent and pressured them to maintain public trust amid rising tensions.

26 May, 2022

A few days separate the Lebanese from the 2022 parliamentary elections. As the electoral battle intensifies with the emergence of a promising opposition, psychological experts advise people to shield their mental health by moderating expectations.

11 May, 2022