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Martin Armstrong


Martin Armstrong is a journalist with The New Arab. Formerly based in Lebanon he has travelled extensively in the MENA region and written for outlets including Al-Jazeera, The Guardian, Middle East Eye, VICE, and The Christian Science Monitor

While Sunday's Oscar signalled recognition of the rescue organisation's life-saving work, on the ground in Syria it was business as usual in a conflict defined by grotesque suffering and destruction.

27 February, 2017

Jeremy Hardy first travelled to the West Bank in 2002. After making a return visit in January, he sat down with The New Arab to reflect on his experiences.

22 February, 2017

The Norwegian Refugee Council has denied claims from one Yemeni minister that members of its staff were abducted last week under suspicion of distributing aid from Saudi Arabia

20 February, 2017

In-depth: Nicola Benyahia established an anti-radicalisation charity after her son died fighting with Islamic State militants in Iraq. Her work remains connected with the loss of her son to extremism.

17 February, 2017

A renewed regime onslaught on the besieged neighbourhood of al-Waer is quickly making life for those trapped in the area unbearable, with medical services hugely compromised amid ongoing bombardment.

14 February, 2017

Firebrand Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has added his voice to a growing cacophony of objectors to pledges made by Trump to move Washington's Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

25 January, 2017

Moscow is seeking a peace-keeping force to include Chechen troops from negotiations set to begin in Kazakhstan next week, according to press reports ahead of the talks.

19 January, 2017

The work of five Syrian artists living in exile detailing their experiences and emotions regarding Syria's devastating conflict was showcased during an exhibition the US Embassy in London on Friday.

13 January, 2017

Marina Jaber photographed her experiences riding around Baghdad last year for an art project. Positive reaction to the initiative has since led the young artist to organise public rides.

13 January, 2017

Iran's Supreme Leader chose not to acknowledge Rafsanjani's status as an Ayatollah during a eulogy, instead referring to the former president using a term designating a lower ranking clerical position.

09 January, 2017