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Mohammad Ali Musawi


Mohammad Ali is a writer and translator based in New Mexico, USA. He has worked as a Middle East researcher for a number of political and academic organisations in the UK, prior to joining al-Araby al-Jadeed English.

Opposition to Donald Trump has centred on the belief that he threatens American values and ideals. In reality, he and his followers are as American as they get.

14 November, 2016

What would American Muslims do if Donald Trump became the president of the United States? The New Arab spoke to American Muslims who have contingency plans - just in case.

10 August, 2016

Over 140 men, women and children were killed by an Islamic State suicide car bomb attack on Baghdad's busy Karrada district on Sunday. These are some of their names.

04 July, 2016

Blog: Bernie Sanders on Thursday proposed the radically outlandish notion that the United States treat Palestinians with "respect and dignity".

15 April, 2016

Once hailed for promising ground-breaking reforms to government, Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has lost the support of the streets. Can he survive on foreign backing alone?

13 April, 2016

After a brief lull in Donald Trump's moronic statements about Islam and Muslims, the Republican presidential front-runner declared that 'Islam hate the West'.

11 March, 2016

American soldiers using #IWillProtectYou to comfort an 8-year-old Muslim girl fail to acknowledge that they are part of an institution that kills little boys and girls around the world.

24 December, 2015

Donald Trump's xenophobic and racist utterings about immigrants, Muslims and others should come as no surprise given the poisonous political discourse in the United States.

09 December, 2015

Feature: The US has witnessed more mass shootings than days this year. The latest, in San Bernardino, California, however, it is unlikely to usher in stricter gun controls.

03 December, 2015

American Muslims reacted with anger to what many see as a growing wave of Islamophobia fuelled by the Republican Party’s most popular presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

04 October, 2015