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Mohammad Mohsen


Posters mocking the Egyptian president where found in Egypt's second city, despite a heavy security presence.

21 May, 2015

Residents of Alexandria call for answers after city goes second day without water due to petrol contamination. Locals are angered by officials offering excuses but no solutions to the problem.

28 April, 2015

Feature: Prison guards and police accused of capitalising on poor conditions and corruption to extort money from inmates' families in return for visits and food deliveries.

10 April, 2015

In another shocking case of violence and abuse by Egyptian security forces, an activist was reportedly murdered at his family home by police in front of horrified children.

17 March, 2015

Feature: Years of neglect and understaffing have turned Alexandria’s railway level crossings into deathtraps, but there is neither the will or the money to do anything about them.

11 March, 2015

Just hours before anti-government protests in Egypt, police say they found a bomb at a tram station in Alexandria, leading to a massive security crackdown.

27 November, 2014