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Gaja Pellegrini-Bettoli

Gaja Pellegrini-Bettoli

The New Arab spoke to Mahbouba Seraj about the study ban for women issued by the Taliban, the reasons that brought it about – which go beyond their religious extremism – and the devastating state of living conditions most Afghans face today.

09 February, 2023

With Afghanistan in a dire economic predicament, the Taliban have thus far failed to provide adequate solutions to shore up public services. This has meant that more and more Afghans now face poverty, destitution and illness as winter draws closer.

17 November, 2021

In-depth: Amid an outpouring of hope over Pope Francis' visit, much work is still needed to rebuild Mosul from the ruins of war and protect Iraq's Christian community.

10 March, 2021

Pope Francis used the imagery of the fabrics that make up a carpet to illustrate how Iraq's single churches, each a thread, make up the community and society.

06 March, 2021

In-depth: Pope Francis is making history with his trip to Iraq, bringing a message of solidarity to Iraqi Christians while forging a path of interfaith dialogue.

04 March, 2021

The New Arab Meets: Eliot Higgins, the British founder of the investigative journalism network Bellingcat, to talk more about what motivated him to start the website.

30 November, 2018

The New Arab Meets: Bushra and Bashida, two Yazidi sisters who share their stories on Islamic State group atrocities and researcher Barzan Barzani about future legal protection for the community.

12 October, 2018

The New Arab Meets: Faisal Jeber to discuss the current state of the museum in Mosul, what he saw when it was first liberated and the work of his NGO.

21 September, 2018

Civilians initially greeted news of a ceasefire with cautious optimism but the brutal bombing has not stopped, writes Gaja Pellegrini-Bettoli.

26 February, 2018

Q&A: The once-neglected neighbourhood of Ouzai in Beirut has been transformed into a colourful artists' canvas by native Ayad Nasser, who hopes to inspire more grassroots projects in Lebanon.

24 November, 2017