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Giorgio Cafiero and Khalid al-Jaber

Cafiero and Jaber

Giorgio Cafiero is the CEO of Gulf State Analytics, a Washington DC-based geopolitical risk consultancy.

Khalid al-Jaber is the director of MENA Center for Research in Washington, DC.

Comment: As long as the Saudis insist on maintaining Yemeni unity while the Emiratis support southern secessionists, there will be tension between them, write Giorgio Cafiero and Khalid al-Jaber.

16 August, 2019

Comment: The UAE is seeking dialogue with Iran to better manage the risks of a major conflict erupting in the Arabian Gulf, write Giorgio Cafiero and Khalid al-Jaber.

07 August, 2019

Comment: The Saudi-led blockade is still in place, and unless it is lifted, Qatar is unlikely to seek much goodwill from the Saudi leadership, write Khalid al-Jaber and Giorgio Cafiero.

30 May, 2019