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Al-Araby al-Jadeed


As evidence of a new Syrian regime massacre emerges, including the murder of ten children, the UN says it is considering naming some 200 alleged war criminals linked to grave abuses in Syria.

22 February, 2015

For decades, Farouk al-Sharaa was one of Syria's most important figures, serving as foreign minister and vice president for decades. From 29 January, al-Araby al-Jadeed will present segments of his memoirs.

29 January, 2015

An Egyptian non-governmental organisation says the a new decree giving military courts jurisdiction over all public and educational facilities violates the constitution.

04 November, 2014

Egypt says it is confronting an invisible enemy, but it will need a radically different approach to win the hearts and minds of Sinai residents.

31 October, 2014

Abdo Hussein al-Tareb accused a senior government figure of collaborating with Houthi rebels during their takeover of Sanaa.

27 October, 2014

It is unknown who carried out drone attacks in Sinai

27 October, 2014

Splits within the group are beginning to emerge.

24 October, 2014

After years of funds being blocked, Gaza set to receive injection of funds.

24 October, 2014

Shia cleric condemned by a Saudi court for criticism of authorities' violent repression of demonstrations in the Qatif region

22 October, 2014