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Kamel Hawwash


Professor Kamel Hawwash is an academic at the University of Birmingham and a long-time campaigner for justice.

Comment: This year, Israeli Apartheid Week activists explore Palestinian solidarity through the lens of anti-racism, despite ongoing efforts to silence them, writes Kamel Hawwash.

16 March, 2021

Comment: It's time the UN republished the ESCWA report on Israeli practices of Apartheid against the Palestinian people, writes Kamel Hawwash.

29 March, 2019

Comment: Israel says there's no occupation. Either it gives equal rights to all inhabitants of historic Palestine, or accepts it's an Apartheid state, writes Kamel Hawwash.

21 November, 2018

Comment: Palestinian activists must now refocus their campaigning, writes Professor Kamel Hawwash.

07 September, 2018