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Alainna Liloia


Alainna Liloia is a researcher and writer specializing in human rights and women’s issues in the Arab world. She holds a PhD in Middle Eastern and North African studies.

Every June, Israel flaunts its LGBTQ+ pride to portray itself as a liberal democracy while distracting from its violence against Palestinians. But we can't allow it to shroud its crimes in rainbow flags, writes Alainna Liloia.

14 June, 2023

The development of sophisticated software like Pegasus means that no one is safe from hacking by authoritarian governments, and this is especially chilling for women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia, writes Alainna Liloia.

08 March, 2022

Opinion: Israeli propaganda on social media emphasises the beauty and femininity of female soldiers to distract from the violent crimes Israel is committing against Palestinians, writes Alainna Liloia.

08 July, 2021

Comment: Women's empowerment in Saudi Arabia will remain a sham initiative as long as the activists campaigning for such rights remain in prison, writes Alainna Liloia.

28 October, 2020

Comment: Loujain al-Hathloul's imprisonment and torture is an international problem, and it requires an international solution, writes Alainna Liloia.

31 July, 2020

Comment: Under Mohammed bin Salman's rule, it is unimportant whether those detained have committed a crime, questioning his vision is enough to see you imprisoned, writes Alainna Liloia.

20 April, 2020

Comment: For migrant workers in the Gulf, the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated their already vulnerable position, writes Alainna Liloia.

08 April, 2020

Comment: The UAE ruler's superficial efforts to combat domestic violence are falling woefully short, writes Alainna Liloia.

13 March, 2020

Comment: As long as men preside over decisions on gender reform, women's rights in Saudi Arabia will never go beyond a PR move, writes Alainna Liloia.

26 February, 2020