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Soheil Asefi


Soheil Asefi is an independent journalist and analyst. He is studying political science at The New School university in New York. In 2007, he was imprisoned in Iran and was released on bail. Twitter handle: @SoheilAsefi.

Comment: As the big game hits the headlines once again, a look at the "Resistance Economy" in Iran gives us a clearer picture of the ongoing upheavals, writes Soheil Asefi.

30 June, 2016

Nearly four decades after the 1979 revolution in Iran, the story of two cellmates from the first political women's prison symbolises an incomplete revolution, argues Soheil Asefi.

17 February, 2016

Comment: Mothers of political prisoners massacred in Iran in the 1980s are dying, while the plight of their sons and daughters is commodified in humanitarian business, writes Soheil Asefi.

15 January, 2016

Elections for Assembly of Experts in Iran are making headlines. This time it's a decisive one, as Iran's elite prepare for ruling after Khamenei.

06 January, 2016

Comment: Students at Tehran University recently protested against what they see as creeping privatisation and the soaring cost of education in the Islamic Republic, writes Soheil Asefi.

10 December, 2015

Comment: Left-wingers around the world may have been pleased by the election of 'reformist' Rouhani, but Iran's power structures have the leftists in their sights, writes Soheil Asefi.

26 October, 2015