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Sylvain Cypel


Sylvain Cypel is a writer for Orient XXI.

Opinion: Naftali Bennett is the first Israeli head of government to rise from neither the ranks of the socialists nor the nationalist Zionists, writes Sylvain Cypel.

21 June, 2021

Opinion: Having successfully unified the extreme right and the secular Jews, Prime Minister Bennett is the result of more than half a century of rising religious soft power in Jewish Israeli society, writes Sylvain Cypel.

21 June, 2021

Interview: For decades Israel has been informally annexing Palestinian territories, says former Middle East adviser to Barack Obama, Robert Malley.

03 July, 2020

Comment: Sylvain Cypel explores the dynamics of the Saudi-US-Israel trio of strategic allies.

12 December, 2018

Comment: Netanyahu's alliance with the Wahhabi kingdom against Iran is a risky gamble, writes Sylvain Cypel.

12 December, 2018

Interview: Contrary to popular belief, US policy is not isolationist. It is characterised by permanent military interventions, just like the Obama administration. Andrew Bacevich talks to Sylvain Cypel.

27 February, 2018

Comment: Hillary has united Saudi Arabia and Israel in mutual concern by her choice of running mate, but neither Tel Aviv nor Riyadh have anything to fear, writes Sylvain Cypel.

18 August, 2016

Comment: When it comes to foreign policy, Hillary is all about following the Washington playbook, writes Sylvain Cypel.

16 August, 2016

New legal amendments support Netanyahu's pro-settlement agenda, but they are likely to damage Israel's international image, says Sylvain Cypel.

28 April, 2015